Professional Services
  1. Enterprise Planning
    Enterprise Planning
    With years of enterprise planning practices in federal and state agency space, we support large complex enterprises planning services for OCIO and other program office, extending entire agencies operation. Our services are specialized in: - Strategy Plan Support - Capability Transformation Planning -Program/Project Planning Project Management Support - Budget Support - Procurement Support
  2. Enterprise Solution
    Enterprise Solution
    We offer enterprise modeling service that describes operations of the enterprise from mission objectives to details specifications of business, data, security and system. Our services addresses the toughest challenge for a large complex enterprise application development, that is complexity. Based on scientific methodology and modeling techniques, we can reduce the complexity by normalizing the operations and simplifying business processes and functions, and ensure the successes of system implementation.
  3. System DevOps Service
    System DevOps Service
    We embrace the model driven architecture method and agile development approach. We offer full development service for large scale application development with DevOps and the newest software development tools and utilities We are specialized in development automation and many new technologies in JAVA, J2EE, Junksin, JIRA, GitHub, Onshift, appache Tomcat, messaging, Microservices, cloud, virtual environment, etc.